Walking and Wine in Istanbul

Old city
The Foodie
6 hours

Guided walk with professional wine experts

Two different Turkish wine tasting sessions

Lunch at a local restaurant

Museum entrance fees


Everythins is included in the price

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Food and Wine Archeology

How about a day to taste delicious Turkish wines and learn about the Anatolian wine culture? Food and wine archaeology has increasingly become an interesting study field and we are inviting you to take part in this exciting journey!

Museum visit + Two different Wine Tasting

Starting from Istanbul Archeology Museum, we’ll discover one of the oldest wine cultures of the world. In the light of archaeological excavations, it’s proved that both wild and domesticated grapes were spread to the world from Anatolia and its eastern neighbours like Iran, Georgia and Armenia. The oldest evidences of existence of a wine culture in the world are also found here in Anatolia.

4000 years old wine journey in Anatolia

First villages and farming communities were established here in Turkey. Mesopotamia region played a very important role in ancient food and drinking cultures. By visiting the archeological museum of Istanbul, we will have a broader understanding about the origins of vine and wine culture that will take you to a 4000 years old journey. 

Turkish food and wine tasting

Following the archeological museum visit, you’ll participate in a tasting session with three different wines produced from native grapes of Turkey. The tasting will be accompanied by a professional commentary provided by Vinotolia: Cüneyt Uygur and Murat Yankı. The wine tasting tour also includes a lunch. A broad selection of Turkish food, paired with appropriate wine will be served.

Did you know?

  • The very first wine denominations of the history were made by Hittites of Central Anatolia nearly 3500 years ago.
  • The oldest shipwreck carrying wine barrels was discovered by the Turkish shores.
  • The viticulture was first introduced to the Italian peninsula by ancient residents of Anatolia. First grapes were exported to Italy from ancient Turkey following the war of Troy. 
  • Turkey is very rich in terms of indigenous grape varieties. Turkish wines are produced with more than 30 different indigenous grape varieties.

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