Jewelry Workshop

Grand Bazaar
The Maker
3 hours

Three hours jewelry workshop in the Grand Bazaar

Turkish coffee 

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20% VAT Tax

Transportation to and from the workshop

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“Since I had been to Istanbul before and seen the main tourist sites, I was looking for something different to do on this visit. Luckily, I found Istanbul Tour Studio and signed up for the jewelry workshop. Instead of just spending the day hanging out shopping at the Grand Bazaar, I hung out in a real jewelry workshop with two very talented jewelers, and made my own piece of custom jewelry! Eren Usta taught me metal cutting, welding, polishing, and everything it takes to create a unique pendant to take home with me. Much better than anything I could have bought in the bazaar! Very cool experience, I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants something beyond the typical Istanbul tour!” Read more on Tripadvisor.

Jewelry Workshop in the Grand Bazaar

Most people go to the Grand Bazaar to try and buy a ring, bracelet or some other souvenir. But have you ever thought of going there to make one? You will be learning the art of jewelry making from Eren Usta (‘usta' means master in Turkish), a man who has devoted himself to this craft for over 25 years. The Grand Bazaar with all its hidden alleys and endless gems will be your source of inspiration.


Discover a hidden historic inn in the Grand Bazaar Quarter: Our workshop is located in one of the hidden hans of the Grand Bazaar. This is the sort of secret place that you would always dream of stumbling upon. But you won’t need a map this time, as our staff will greet you in front of the Nuruosmaniye Gate of the Grand Bazaar and lead you right there. 
Learn how to make a brass accessory in three hours! 

Enjoy working hand-in-hand with an artisan in a small group: To be able to give personal attention to each participant, we decided to allow up to four people in our classes. After meeting each other and of-course having a cup of Turkish tea, we first start with the tools and objects which we’ll be using during our jewelry workshop.

Choose your favorite accessory and start making it. Following the short introduction, you’ll choose from among different styles. After you decide which accessory you are interested in making, Eren Usta briefs you on how to make it. We turn the music on and start!

Important note:

  • Jewelry workshop is for up to four people. Hence, you may share the class with others. If you would like a private experience, please let us know.

Who is this tour for?

  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of an age-old handicraft.
  • Anyone that wants to see the real Grand Bazaar and not just the tourist faces of it.
  • Anyone looking for a special birthday experience for a loved-one.
  • Anyone looking to take a special hand-made souvenir back home. 
  • Creative people that want to try something different.
  • Jewelry lovers!

Why book with Istanbul Tour Studio?

  • We work closely with expert craftspeople who take pride in sharing their skills.
  • We know the Grand Bazaar inside out and want to show you its secrets.
  • We have a trusted team of staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and always on time.
  • We are rated ‘Excellent’ on Tripadvisor. Click here to read our reviews.

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The Maker
Hands-on Unique Experience, Creative and Rare, Perfect Birthday Gift, a Real Souvenir
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