I'm Sailing in Istanbul

Kalamis Marina
The Adventurist
Min. 4 hours

33 – 42 feet boats

Maximum 7 people per boat

Insurance of the boat and each person on-board

Professional skipper on each boat

Required outfit and life jacket


20% VAT Tax

Transportation to Kalamış Marina


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“We went on a sailing tour from Istanbul to the Princess Islands, which included lunch on the island and swimming in the Bosphorus. The tour was clearly one of the highlights of our trip! Sinan, the manager of the company, is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job pointing out the history of the area, general facts about Turkey, and information about sailing. The Captain was also very friendly and experienced. This is one of the best things you can do in Istanbul, Five Stars!” Read more on Tripadvisor.

Sailing in Istanbul

Our "Istanbul sailing tour" is the ultimate Istanbul experience on the water. Departing from the Kalamis Marina, we set sail to the Princes’ Islands archipelago in the Marmara Sea. The historical landmarks, the overwhelming sounds and smells of the city slowly disappear in the background. All that is left for your ears to hear is the sound of the wind, waves and seagulls that will accompany you most of the way.


  • Beautiful scenery while sailing: On one side you will see the incessant silhouette of the city: skyscrapers and buildings lining up the shore one after another; and the open sea and many shades of blue if you just happen to turn your head in the opposite direction. One really wonders if there is ever an end to this giant metropolis, only to find yourself on a lush oasis with grand mansions and stunning architecture after sailing. Maybe you have just sailed back in time. Below you can watch a 360 video from our sailing tour filmed May 2018. You can pan with your mouse/trackpad to move around. 

  • Discover one of the most charming parts of Istanbul: You can choose between a full or half day on the water. On the full-day sailing tour, we have lunch on either Burgazada or Buyukada and walk it off with an afternoon hike around the island. The Princes’ Islands are small islands of a larger archipelago set just off the Asian coast of Istanbul. The islands’ history spans from Byzantium (and probably earlier). The bare and detached hinterlands of a metropolitan Constantinople were ideal locations for the devout and, eventually, the alleged imperial threat, the immoral, and the corrupt. Starting from the late 19th century the Princes’ Islands became an elite escape of summer entertainment, romance, and drama. Luxury hotels were built and welcomed international diplomats, socialites, novelists, and politicians for endless evenings; live music, caviar, and dancing! Family homes, mansions and water-side villas – most of which still stand today – were built to host these summer residents. 

  • Amazing photo opportunities on this tour, so make sure to bring your camera: Over time, many of the island’s belle epoque structures were converted into private clubs, boutique hotels, and apartment buildings. These beautiful lush islands are completely car-free, home to a friendly community and steeped in Byzantine and Ottoman history.

Important Notes:

  • Before we set off from the Kalamış Marina on the Asian side of Istanbul, the professional skipper will brief you on the basics of sailing and the sea. You don’t have to be a professional or an expert to sail on our boats! After a quick briefing on the fundamentals of sailing you’re welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul from water. However, if you’re a keen sailor or active person then you’re welcome to take part, and sail under the leadership of a local expert.

  • If you choose a half-day tour, you will not be disembarking on any of the islands, you will be sailing towards them and back. Weather conditions permitting, guests can take a short swim break at a location recommended by the captain/skipper. 

  • We highly recommend you to book this tour on a week day as the Princes’ Islands get busy during summer weekends.

Who is this tour for?

  • Anyone with a love of sailing, boats and the sea.
  • People that have never sailed before, but want to enjoy the experience in the safe hands of experts.
  • Anyone that wants to make the most of some beautiful weather and leave the city behind.

Why book with Istanbul Tour Studio?

  • We make safety a priority and only use expert skippers who know the seas like the back of their hands.
  • We go beyond just the sailing experience and our knowledgable guides will also tell you about the sights we see and the islands we visit. 
  • Istanbul Tour Studio is rated "Excellent" on Tripadvisor. Click to read the latest reviews about us.

How much is the private Sailing in Istanbul tour per boat?

  • Our private Sailing in Istanbul tour prices start from $500 USD/half-day tour and $685 USD/full-day tour during weekdays; whereas during weekends they start from $685 USD/half-day tour and $875 USD/full-day tour. Please bear in mind that our rates do not include 20% Value-Added tax.
  • Our sailboats accommodate up to seven people. Therefore feel free to invite your family and friends to this unique Istanbul experience.

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The Adventurist
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