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Tomtom district has been home to Western diplomatic and religious missions for about six centuries when Istanbul was the Ottoman Empire’s capital. After the capital -and embassies together with it- moved to Ankara in the 1920s, many of these palatial buildings on and around İstiklal Avenue continued their function as consulates. Tomtom Suites occupies one of those authentic Beyoğlu buildings whose posture reflects the social history of the area from the 1850s to the recent. Constructed as the Soeurs Garde-Malades Apartment, an extension of Palais de France (French Palace) nearby, the building hosted French nuns and some well-known Levantine families throughout its history. The establishment was beautifully restored by a famous Istanbul based architecture company called Mars Architects.

An oasis of tranquility in the middle of Beyoğlu

Today, the building has been respectfully restored into an intimate hotel with 20 suites and top service. The hotel’s location is ideal for exploring the restaurants, nightlife and art galleries of Beyoğlu, Galata and Karaköy districts, while it also provides easy access to the old city via a T1 tram station nearby. The secluded location of the hotel allows guests to stay as calm and peaceful as they wish in the middle of a bustling area.

A glass lift takes you up to the suites that are spacious above the city standards, where you would enjoy modern, soothing interiors with simple but rich details, comfy pieces of furniture, natural wood floors, and Carrara marble bathrooms. There is also an Executive Suite on the top floor with a private terrace and a glass-walled jacuzzi.

Best panoramic views of the old city

The real deal here is the hotel’s rooftop restaurant Nicole, which allows you to take in captivating panoramic views of the Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus. The restaurant serves as the hotel’s breakfast during the day, and changes into a fine-dining restaurant at night. While chef-duo Kaan Sakarya and Aylin Yazıcıoğlu who put Nicole on the culinary map of Istanbul are no longer here, the restaurant’s new management continues the legacy with a well-thought-out seasonal menu.

Amazing fact about Tomtom Suites

Just opposite the hotel stands Palazzo Venezia, a fine Neoclassical building that still serves as the Italian Consulate today. The famous Venetian adventurer Casanova was among the building’s famous visitors in 1745, as we understand from his memoirs his autobiography “The Story of My Life”.

The venue tells the story of a building old of over a century with a stylish language, keeping the essence of its history.
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Tomtom Suites is an authentic Istanbul building whose posture reflects the social history of Pera from the 1850s to recent. Nowadays the building hosts its new guests with a "younique" service policy and a new design, pairing modern comfort with historical background.