Mangerie Bebek


Mangerie Bebek hangs above the neighborhood’s popular stretch of waterside restaurants and coffee shops. Its entrance is almost invisible from the street, but up top and comfortably tucked away, the world is your view. Painted white wood paneling lines the restaurant to add a an appropriately light and airy feeling to a space that already overlooks the rooftops of Bebek and the Bosphorus. You are basically floating in the middle of the city.

Perfect spot for breakfast and lunch

The laid back atmosphere makes this a perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu boasts an impressive standard Turkish tray that includes all of the wonderful usual suspects: fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, a mixed olive plate, more than several cheese plates, butter, clotted cream and honey, thousands of jams, and more. You’ll also be able to find Anatolian-style egg dishes such as menemen (eggs, tomatoes, and peppers tossed together in a copper pan). That said weekend breakfasts at Mangerie are also popular for the more continental breakfast favourites like eggs benedict, pancakes, and even in-house granola. During the day as the breakfast hours quickly turns into lunch, diners have the options from the grill, burgers, and some great sandwiches. And, for those of the more health-oriented, Mangerie has some great, fresh salads from chicken tabbouleh to calamari salad to buffalo mozzarella. However, like any other bistro worth its salt, Mangerie is Bebek’s jack of all trades. Here, you’ll also be able to find a spatter of fresh juice cocktails from Polanskis (vodka, tangerine juice, and rosemary) to classic Martinis.

An ideal spot for big Sunday breakfasts or a quiet catch-up coffee with a friend, Mangerie is the hidden gem of the Bebek neighborhood.

 What is special about Bebek?

Try seasonal cocktails- prepared with fresh juices and vodka.
9am - Midnight
Open everyday
TEL: +90 212 263 51 99
30 USD - 50 USD
Official WEBSITE
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